Professional development and production of "Wenxiang" brand household textiles and clothing fabrics
The main products are jacquard curtain cloth, bedding, table cloth, tray mat, coffee curtain, bath curtain, door curtain, mesh cloth, headscarf, sofa, laundry bag and lace, water-soluble lace and other clothing fabrics.
Company introduction

To start a business, the most important thing is to take sincerity as the foundation and customer as the core.

Zhejiang wenxiang home textile garment co., ltd.  It is an export-oriented, high-tech private enterprise affiliated to the wenxiang group company.The company is located in yangxunqiao town, shaoxing city, ZheJiang province, close to hangzhou-- ningbo railway trunk line and national highway 104, and hangzhou international airport is only 5 km, land and water transportation is very convenient. After more than ten……


Main products

The company mainly engaged in professional production and processing of polyester fabrics, curtains, fabrics, tablecloths and other products, with a complete and scientific quality management system. Zhejiang Wenxiang Home Textile Garment Co., Ltd. has been recognized by the industry for its integrity, strength and product quality.

Recruitment of franchisees

Wen Xiang-ren's 15-year entrepreneurial experience has created an unparalleled alliance advantage for others.
  • Advantage one

    Production advantage
    production advantage.Having been employed for 15 years, it has formed a complete production system by itself. From raw materials to finished products, each workshop has no gap link.

  • Advantage two

    Technical advantages
    technical advantage.Wenxiang home textile has a constantly innovative team, constantly for the curtain tablecloth industry to provide new creative design.
  • Advantage three

    Operation team
    e-commerce operation team. The company's e-commerce department team has been learning and growing, including professional web design, website maintenance, image processing personnel and pre-sales and after-sales customer service.
  • Advantage four

    Product diversification
    product structure diversification. Including velet, warp knitting, jacquard and other series of curtains, coffee curtains, curtains, tablecloth, clothing fabrics etc.
  • Advantage five

    Hardware advantage
    hardware advantage. Wenxiang home textile has designed and built its own life experience hall of curtain and window gauze, which covers an area of more than 2000 square meters. It displays more than 2880 curtain and window gauze, and constantly updates the new products designed and processed by the company. 
  • Advantage six

    Supporting advantages
    supporting software.In order to cooperate with the sales of products to meet customer needs, the company summarizes the curtain industry experience and puts forward new ideas and partners to cooperate with the company to develop a set of special curtain sales display equipment -- wenxiang shopping machine.The shopping guide machine and supporting software have realized the digitization of all curtains and related products. Through the client display, it integrates shopping guide, display, sales and order settlement.Fully cooperate with another set of curtain effect diagram design software, the perfect combination of traditional industry and modern information technology.
  • Advantage seven

    Derivative advantage
    derivative advantage.The company has been in alibaba website for three years, and has formed online and offline simultaneous display and sales.
  • Advantage eight

    Geographical advantage
    geographical advantage.The company is located in China curtain screen town, China warp knitting industry base -- yangxunqiao, close to xiaoshan international airport (10 to 20 minutes drive).